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Doggie Day Care

There are times when you just need a place for your dog to stay during the day. Maybe you’re having your home remodeled or hosting a party. Or maybe your pet just needs more daytime attention than what your busy schedule allows. Whatever the reason, Barkefellers is the perfect place for your dog’s day out.

Doggie Day Care – A Great Way to Spend the Day

Need a place for your pet to stay for the day? Barkefellers offers a safe, relaxing environment for your best friends whenever you need us! You have several dog day care options to suit your pet and your pet’s needs.  You may want to consider Doggie Day Care (available either half day or full day) so your pet has someone to play with. Dogs with less energy or desire for interaction can spend a pampered day in one of our day lodging suites.

Doggie Day Care

Doggie Day Care provides a secure, stimulating environment in which your dog can enjoy off-leash play with other well-socialized dogs and puppies. Day Care is supervised by trained staff at all times in order to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all guests.  In addition, each new guest’s personality and temperament will be evaluated prior to approval for group play and assignment to a playgroup appropriately matching the guest’s activity level and size.  Both half-day (5 hours or less) or full-day (more than 5 hours) day care options are available.  Overnight lodging guests have the option to join day care with the purchase of our discounted activity packages.

Day care is open 7 days a week.  We will play RAIN or SHINE in our spacious outdoor playgrounds and our temperature-controlled indoor play rooms! Barkefellers follows temperature and weather guidelines to determine whether we will play outdoors or indoors.  Special seasonal extras include our misting system and puppy pools.

Valet Service

For the first 90 minutes we’re open each weekday morning, we offer valet service to our day care guests.  Just flash your car’s lights and we’ll come greet your dog and bring them in to day care. It’s QUICK & CONVENIENT!

Dog Personality Questionnaire

We want to know as much about your pet as possible as we evaluate him or her for group play.  Please complete our Dog Personality Questionnaire prior to your pet’s Temperament Evaluation.


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