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Day Care Activities

You know your dog better than anyone so we give you the ability to choose which activities your dog will participate while at Barkefellers Doggie Day Care.

Doggie Day Care Activities

Fun activities abound at Barkefellers doggie day care.

Fun activities abound at Barkefellers doggie day care.

Providing a fun, attentive environment for the well-socialized dog, Barkefellers doggie day care activities will make your pup howl with excitement!  Whether your dog likes to play one-on-one or with a rowdy pack, to quietly cuddle or just run endless laps, your pet will get plenty of exercise and enjoy the canine companionship of all their new friends.  Choose from our list of available day care activities below to meet the needs of your particular dog.

Day Care Activities

Group Play.  Dogs who pass a temperament evaluation can play and socialize with other dogs under the close supervision of our trained staff.  Dogs are grouped according to size and/or play style for safety and optimal enjoyment.

Cuddle Time.  Guests enjoy one-on-one attention, affection, and interaction with a staff member. Belly rubs, ear scratches, and friendly conversation included!

Private Play.  Dogs who prefer to play with a person or who are not suitable for group play will enjoy one-on-one play sessions with a staff member.

Nature Park.  Barkefellers outdoor play area features artificial turf play areas which are both cleaner and safer for dogs. Our spacious nature park offers your pet the place to chase balls, chew on toys, and in the summer time we even have misters and pools to help them stay cool when playing outside.

For a list of cost-saving activity packages, see here.

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