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Barkefellers’ award-winning upscale pet hotel provides unparalleled luxury accommodations to both our canine and feline guests. Our exceptional Lodging, Day Care, Grooming, and Training services will make Barkefellers your pet's favorite place to go. Come by for a tour of our newest facility any time we’re open!

Hours of Operation

Monday: 7:00am – 7:00pm

Tuesday – Thursday: 6:00am – 7:00pm

Friday: 7:00am – 7:00pm

Saturday: 8:00am – 6:00pm

Sunday: 8:00am – 6:00pm

The Finest in Fishers Dog Boarding

Barkefellers’ award-winning upscale pet hotel features Lodging, Day Care, Grooming, and Training services for your pampered pooch. Our canine guests enjoy luxury amenities including regular room service, flat-screen televisions, and expansive indoor and outdoor activity areas. Our feline friends bask in complimentary room service, multi-level areas for play and climbing, and cozy napping areas.

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Meet Our Staff

Cheryl Chipman ·  General Manager 

Cheryl joined the Barkefellers team in March of 2011 and has been recognized by her co-workers as Employee of the Month.

In addition to a year of study at IUPUI, Cheryl has completed six semesters at Indiana Business College (IBC) towards a degree in Veterinary Technology. Her work at IBC, along with having always cared for her own pets, prepared Cheryl for her position at Barkefellers. She feels lucky to be able to say that she truly enjoys what she does day to day! (Part of the reason she’s so good at what she does!)

Cheryl currently has two dogs and three horses, but she hints that this list could grow at any moment! Copper is a Treeing Walker Coonhound/Lab mix, Sydney is her Shih Tzu/Rat Terrier mix, Gabby and Meeko are her two miniature horses and Aly is her thoroughbred.

When she isn’t working at Barkefellers, Cheryl enjoys spending time outdoors with her ‘babies’, watching movies with her husband, taking on new adventures with friends and she’s “always up for a good game of soccer!”

“My favorite part about working at Barkefellers is obviously spending all day with so many different animals. Even on the busy and stressful days, they are always there to make you laugh and smile.”

Julie Weaver  ·  Front Desk Manager

Julie joined the Barkefellers family in October of 2015 as a Front Desk Attendant. She quickly became known – by pets, pet parents and fellow staff – for her megawatt smile and outstanding customer service!

Julie is a graduate of North Central High School, where she was a cheerleader. She plans to study Forensics at IUPUI – but her “dream school is College of Charleston in South Carolina”. She brings valuable customer service experience from her previous position with Mike’s/Crew Car Wash.

When she’s not working at Barkefellers (which is rare!), Julie enjoys painting, drawing and spending time with her cats – Dexter and Moser. Someday she hopes to have “a Bloodhound that I will name Red (after the country song)”!

“My favorite thing about working at Barkefellers is seeing all of the pooches every day! I love meeting first time customers and watching them fall in love with the place, and becoming ‘regulars’!”

Paige Evans  ·  Front Desk Manager

Paige joined the staff at Barkefellers in February of 2016 as a Front Desk Attendant.

After almost three years of nursing school, she realized that nursing was not what she wanted to do – she realized that her passion was with animals! So she started the Harrison College Vet Tech program in September of 2016 and reports, “I’m happy to say, I have finally found where I belong!”

Paige’s love for animals started as a child, growing up raising farm animals and having dogs as long as she can remember. She currently has three dogs, who she loves way too much!: Meeko (a mutt), Gracie (Westie) and Jaxx (Lab Mix).

When she’s not working at Barkefellers, Paige enjoys anything and everything outdoors, especially being on the water, fishing, and spending time with her family.

“My favorite things about working at Barkefellers are; the dogs (of course!), coming to work every day and seeing all the dogs (always brings a smile to my face!) and building great relationships with our customers.”

Lindsey Funderburk  ·  Front Desk Manager

Lindsey joined the Barkefellers team in December of 2016. She’s a graduate of Franklin Community High School and has previous pet care experience as a Pet-Sitter and a Volunteer for the Humane Society.

Growing up, Lindsey’s house was always filled with dogs! Her family’s foster dogs kept turning into permanent residents because they just couldn’t let them go! Lindsey and her family are currently owned by four dogs; Bella (Chihuahua puppy), Chubs (Pomeranian), Hoosier (Doberman mix) and Roxy (Pit Bull). She’s hoping to add yet another puppy to the mix very soon!

When she’s not working at Barkefellers, Lindsey pursues her interests in art, books, and music. She’s always loved working with her hands and being creative. Lindsey says she “can read a good book for hours and be perfectly happy and music always puts a smile on my face while singing and dancing around!”

“My favorite thing about working at Barkefellers is really that it’s just so fun! The staff gets along great and you really start to get to know all the dogs and their families! You can’t have a bad day when you’re surrounded by adorable dogs all day!”

Kylie Campbell  ·  Hotel Manager

Kylie joined the Barkefellers staff in March of 2016 as a Hotel/Day Care Attendant. After less than a year, with her hard work and can-do attitude, Kylie was promoted to Hotel Manager.

After graduating from Lawrence North High School, Kylie earned her CNA License from Advance Healthcare.

When she’s not managing the Hotel at Barkefellers, Kylie likes to travel, go camping and hang out with her own dogs; Gerald (a Lab) and Gus (a Pug).

“My favorite part of working at Barkefellers is seeing the dogs every day and getting to know them all individually. (…Also the puppies!)”

Kylie Smith  ·  Hotel Manager

Kylie joined the Barkefellers team in October of 2014 as a Hotel/Day Care Attendant.

She is a graduate of Fishers High School and attended J. Everett Light Career Center for Veterinary Assisting. Kylie has an Associate’s degree in Liberal Arts and has plans to return to school to earn her Bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Biology.

Before coming to Barkefellers, Kylie gained experience caring for pets by shadowing in a Veterinary clinic and has cared for the variety of animals which have always surrounded her. She currently has a cat named Wolfz and a hedgehog named Hazel, both of which she considers to be her ‘babies’!

When she’s not at Barkefellers, Kylie loves to be outside and enjoys every chance she gets to learn more about nature and wildlife.

“My favorite thing about working at Barkefellers is definitely the dogs!! The dogs that come to Barkefellers are like our dogs and over the two years I’ve worked at Barkefellers they have had an impact on me and my love for animals.”

Katrisha Steele ·  Hotel Manager

Katrisha joined the Barkefellers team in September of 2016 as a Hotel/Day Care Attendant. She is a high school graduate.

Before coming to work at Barkefellers, Katrisha gained her pet care experience by being around dogs her ‘whole life’.

When she isn’t at work, Katrisha loves to go on road trips with good music and great company!

“My favorite thing about working at Barkefellers would have to be getting to love on all of our furry guests!

Dakota Rehm  ·  Hotel Manager

Dakota joined the Barkefellers staff as a Hotel/Day Care Attendant in June of 2015. He graduated from high school in 2014 and is currently attending the University of Indianapolis.

Before coming to work at Barkefellers, Dakota cared for his own pets and gained additional pet care experience by pet-sitting for his family, friends, and neighbors. He has also volunteered with Central Indiana Lab Rescue Center (CILRA) where he helped foster and re-home many dogs.

Dakota has two dogs of his own; Laila, a 9 year-old Black Lab and Katie, a 9 year-old Yellow Lab. When he isn’t at work, Dakota enjoys sports, exercise and music.

“My favorite thing about working at Barkefellers is when the dogs get so excited to me – especially the ones who come often! When they recognize me they always get incredibly ecstatic and that always makes my day.”

Corey Childs  ·  Trainer · Barkefellers University

Corey joined the Barkefellers staff in August of 2016 as a Hotel/Day Care Attendant and in February of 2017 he became the Barkefellers University Trainer here at Bark NE. He’s been a Trainer for many years and a dog lover for even longer!

“I began my training career working with a local animal shelter doing training, behavioral modification, and basic veterinary care. Years later, after interning with my local zoo, my passion for training took me to a school across the country where I learned to train everything from rats to whales – but dogs remain my real passion!”

With a degree in Exotic Animal Training and Management, Corey has worked with and trained a wide variety of animals; beavers, parrots, coyotes, lions, foxes, donkeys, monkeys & more!! He has also worked with shelter dogs on behavioral modification and training to help them get and succeed in new forever homes.

“My favorite thing about working at Barkefellers is seeing the difference in clients’ lives before and after training. I love to see the transformation when they go from having a difficult, destructive, or disobedient dog with a chaotic home, to having a well behaved pet and peaceful home. It can really be the difference between having a loving family pet and taking them to the shelter!”

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