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Pet Lodging

Lodging choices for your pet can be a tough decision. At Barkefellers, we understand. We believe as you do that pets are family and they deserve only the very best! We offer our guests a safe, clean, and healthy environment in which to stay while you're away - with accommodations from affordable to luxury.

Dog Lodging

Your pet will be treated like family and enjoy the comforts of home in his/her own cozy sleeping area, complete with Kuranda Dog Bedding and the sounds of soothing music. We serve our guests quality Eagle Pack dog food or if you prefer, you can bring your pet’s own food.

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Lodging Activities

While some pets are content to spend the day napping or daydreaming, most desire some degree of activity and interaction. We’ve developed a list of activities to keep tails wagging and ensure that cats are satisfied.

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Cat Lodging

Barkefellers may be The Place for Dogs, but we give our feline guests the same upscale treatment. Our cattery is located in a separate wing of Barkefellers in order to give our feline guests the privacy they deserve.

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Pet Lodging FAQs

Looking for additional information about lodging your pet at Barkefellers? Check here or feel free to call one of our friendly associates to find out more.

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