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Cat Lodging

Barkefellers may be The Place for Dogs, but we give our feline guests the same upscale treatment.  Our cattery is located in a separate wing of Barkefellers in order to give our feline guests the privacy they deserve.  We have taken into consideration the needs and preferences of cats as we designed a space just for them.

Pet boarding or lodging isn't just for dogs. We have comfortable amenities for our feline friends as well.

Pet boarding or lodging isn’t just for dogs. We have comfortable accommodations for our feline friends as well.

Luxury Lodging for Cats

Barkefellers provides a lodging experience for cats that goes way beyond typical pet boarding.  Our cattery offers cats a clean, comfortable home away from home where they can relax without a care in the world.  While separate from our dog accommodations, our cats will find Barkefellers to be the place for cats too.

Feline Accommodations

Our cat condos are 3′ x 3′ x 7′ and have multiple levels for playing, climbing, and cozy napping.  Condos are climate-controlled, and guests always have access to fresh water. Two guests from the same family can share a condo, and the second cat gets a 20% family discount. Please call us for rates and availability.

Feline Activities

Physical activity and human interaction are key to our feline guests’ well-being – especially while they’re away from home. We’ve learned that our guests go home happier and healthier when they have a balanced, predictable daily routine that includes exercise, personal human attention, mental stimulation, and rest. We give you the opportunity to choose the activities that you think your pet will most enjoy by selecting individual activities or purchasing discounted activity/interaction packages. For more details about the activities we offer, visit our Activities page.

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