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Day School

Barkefellers University offers a convenient weekday school for dogs. Our well-planned schedule balances time for training with important downtime for your dog. Classes are conducted Monday through Friday, and attendees should be dropped off by 9 am and picked up after 4 pm.

Obedience Training Program


Barkefellers can help improve your relationship with your pet through training and obedience classes.

At Barkefellers, we believe that all dogs should have the chance to learn good manners! Obedience training makes life at home happier for dogs and their families – and makes dogs more welcome when out and about in the neighborhood and community.

Barkefellers obedience training utilizes positive reinforcement to help dogs understand what is expected of them. With multiple training sessions throughout the day and opportunities for social interaction, physical exercise, rest, and play, Barkefellers provides the perfect environment for canine learning and development. Schedule your dog’s admission to Barkefellers University today!  To sign up, email us at Barkefellers Indy South , Barkefellers Indy West or Barkefellers Indy NE with your name, phone number, and a description of your dog, including name, age, weight, and breed.  We’ll contact you to confirm.

Day School Schedule

Each day of Doggie Day School includes:

  • 3 learning sessions throughout the day
  • 2 group or private play sessions
  • Socialization
  • Rest
  • End-of-day parent transition class

Benefits of Obedience Training

There are many benefits of training, including:

Better Behavior: By becoming your dog’s Pack Leader, you will be better able to communicate and enforce good standards of behavior – at home, at the vet, on a walk, or at the dog park!

Safety: By ensuring that your dog is properly trained and socialized, you can trust your pet to safely interact with other pets, children, and adults.

Happier Pets: You will learn how to better identify and meet your dog’s needs, as well as how to correct them without the need for constant yelling or punishment.

Happier People: Mutual understanding and respect between owner and dog reduces stress on both and promotes a more pleasant daily co-existence!

It’s Good Exercise: This applies to people as well as dogs!


Visit our training classes page to learn more about the training options available from Barkefellers.

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