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Share Your Barkefellers Story!

Jun 16th, 2018

We love hearing experiences from pet parents. Share your Barkefellers story here and even upload a photo for your furry friends. Whether you stopped in for daycare, grooming, training, or boarding, we can’t wait to hear from you!


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Lace Pierce, Barkefellers West
Submitted by: Shannon Pierce 03/27/2019

When Lance was a puppy, I realized he had very bad separation anxiety and was afraid of loud noises and thunder. I tried many things to help with his anxiety (thunder shirt, training, over the counter items, stress relief for dogs). I would come home from work and if he had an anxiety attack due to storms or loud noises, my house would be a disaster zone.  Lance ripped the trim off the wall and would destroy anything in his path and did so many times. I had my father build Lance a kennel and he escaped it 3 different times. He even broke some of his teeth which had to be surgically removed, but thankfully I was able to find him in my neighborhood. His vet also has him on a few medicines that seem to help his anxiety. I was torn, upset, and didn’t want Lance to continue down this road he was on. I didn’t trust that I could leave him on his own and that’s when I took him to Barkefellers. I explained Lance and his medicine to the staff and they have been wonderful throughout this whole process. THIS IS HIS SECOND HOME AND THEY ARE OUR SECOND FAMILY. I would hate to think of what would have happened to Lance without Barkefellers. What I absolutely love is that I know Lance is loved and very well taken care of, and it’s such a relief to know this.  When I pick him up every evening after work I always get to hear about his antics and the silly things he does. Barkefellers is the only place that I trust with Lance – we absolutely love them!

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