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A Dog Lover’s Summer

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A Dog Lover’s Summer

May 6th, 2019

Summer is just around the corner! Going for long walks in the park, enjoying an ice cream sundae in the sunshine, watching movies on a humid summer evening, and eating outside on the patio of your favorite restaurant. What could be better than all that? Oh right: if your pup was able to enjoy these activities with you!

We’ve took some time to compile our favorite dog-friendly summer activities and restaurants throughout Indianapolis! From hiking trails to sweet treats, these activities will ensure that you and your pup have a wonderful summer together. 


  • Switch up your walking routine from sidewalks to hiking trails!
    There are so many great parks throughout the greater Indianapolis area, but we recommend these two as they are spacious, have tons of different recreation options, and are 100% dog-friendly: Eagle Creek Park & Fort Harrsion State Park.
  • Enjoy a walk along the Monon Trail, a recreational path that cuts through the greater Indianapolis area. With over 20 miles of trails, the Monon is popular for biking, jogging, and of course… dog walking! Bonus: Check out Fire by the Monon or Monon Coffee Company for a quick snack break along the trail. Both are located just a couple minutes off the Monon in the Broad Ripple area. They have delicious food, coffee, and dog-friendly outdoor areas!
  • Craving a more metropolitan adventure? Check out the Canal Walk or the Indianapolis Cultural Trail. Whether you opt for a 3-mile waterside stroll along the canal or walking part of the 8-mile Cultural Trail that cuts through downtown, you and your pup are sure to have quite an adventure. Bonus: Check out our most recommended dog-friendly restaurants and breweries downtown below!
  • After all that walking, enjoy a retro night out at the drive-in with your best friend at Tibb’s Drive-In Theatre. As long as your pup isn’t prone to barking at cars, Tibb’s is a great option to enjoy this summer’s hottest flicks with your best friend.
  • What is summer without ice cream? While not unique to Indianapolis, these popular restaurant chains offer dog-friendly sweet treats that will brighten up any sunny summer day; the Starbucks Puppuccino: a small cup of whip cream & the Dairy Queen Pup Cup: a free small serving of vanilla ice cream.

Restaurants and Breweries

Luckily for us, there are tons of dog-friendly restaurants, breweries, and coffee shops throughout Indianapolis. Here are a couple of our staff favorites:


  • Metazoa: An animal-themed brewery with delicious craft beers. Not to mention, 5% of their proceeds are donated to animal and wildlife organizations making this any animal or beer (or both) lover’s dream!
  • La Margarita: Located in the heart of Fountain Square, they have delicious Mexican food and a spacious porch.
  • Garden Table: Unique and healthy options with two locations on Massachusetts Avenue and in Broad Ripple.
  • Shoefly Public House: Delicious food. Delicious beer. Fantastic porch. Enough said?
  • Goose the Market: A craft deli, gelato, and coffee shop all in one! A great neighborhood spot to satisfy those sweet and savory cravings alike.

By Barkefellers location:

  • Southside: Taxman Brewing Company: Unique and high-quality twists on classic dishes and drafts.
  • Westside: Big Woods Speedway: This Southern Indiana favorite has found its way to Indianapolis and serves American cuisine at its best.
  • Northside: Petite Chou or Café Patachou: This local chain serves up healthy and flavorful options that do not fail to satisfy.

BONUS: We haven’t forgotten about our cat lovers! Have you ever heard of Nine Cats Café? It is Indy’s first cat café complete with delicious coffees, teas, and adoptable cats. Come in to enjoy a beverage and meet some adorable cats in need of a loving home! 

* This is not meant to be a complete list of all dog-friendly activities and establishments in Indianapolis. There are several dog-friendly options that are not listed here. These are simply our staff’s unsponsored favorites. *

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