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School is Back in Session

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School is Back in Session

Aug 2nd, 2019

Barkefellers University Spotlight and the Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Train Your Dog

Welcome to August! It’s officially the last month of summer which means that beach bags will soon be swapped out for book bags, and everyone is soaking up these last moments of sunshine before the first school bell rings. However, now that school is just moments away from being back in session, there has never been a better time to invest in your fur baby’s future by enrolling them in training classes at Barkefellers University! Rather than have your pup lounge around the house by themselves all day, at Bark U they will spend their days in one-on-one training sessions, playing with other dogs or our staff members, and relaxing in one of our upgraded suites!

What are the benefits of obedience training? We’ve listed our top 5 below:

1. Socialization!

Training socializes your pup by exposing them to other dogs, new people, and new environments. Dogs who are well socialized have improved temperaments and overall demeanors.

2. Provides dogs with a good knowledge base.

Basic obedience training provides dogs with a good foundation from which they can learn all other types of activities and behaviors; everything from good manners and polite interactions to providing the basis for agility or service dog training!

3. Provides owners with beneficial knowledge and skills.

Training provides owners with the knowledge and skills needed to mitigate poor behavior in their dogs. At Bark U, our transition lessons and assigned “homework” provides pet parents with everything they need to learn training protocol and continue the process themselves well after our sessions have ended!

4. Builds a mutual bond and enriches the relationship between a dog and their owner.

Training builds a mutual bond and enriches the relationship between you and your pup. Not only does training allow you and your dog to spend time together, but during this time you are actively engaging with one another as well!

5. Improves both the dog and their owner’s everyday life.

A well-trained dog tends to be a more active family member and is more accepted when out and about in public and the larger community!

Obedience Training Programs through Barkefellers University:

At Barkefellers University, we use treat-based positive reinforcement to teach dogs basic obedience training through either our Level One, Level Two, or Puppy Prep Training Programs. We also have Day School or Stay School options that work with any schedule. For more information on our training programs, please click here.

School is back in session for all the other kiddos, so why shouldn’t it be for your fur babies as well?!

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