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5 Benefits of a Dog-friendly Workplace

dog-friendly workplace

5 Benefits of a Dog-friendly Workplace

Jun 29th, 2020

Last Friday, June 26th was National Take Your Dog to Work Day and even though a lot of us have been working in atypical conditions these past couple of months (to say the least), we thought we would share some of the top benefits of a dog-friendly workplace. After all, working at Barkefellers our employees can personally attest to how much our four-legged friends bring to our workplace and improve our everyday routines.

1. Provides Happiness and Positivity (and maybe even a little comic relief):

Part of the reason that we all love dogs so much is simply because they make us happy, right? It’s hard to be in a bad mood with a tail-wagging, nose-licking fluffball of joy around and this is also true in the workplace! Positivity and laughter are contagious, and a better overall employee morale also brings with it boosted productivity and communication amongst employees.

2. Reduces Stress:

It has been scientifically proven that pets reduce stress and promote calming effects. Stress is not good for anyone at any place or time, but it can be especially detrimental at work. Unstressed employees tend to be kinder, more productive, and produce higher quality work.

3. Improves Communication and Camaraderie:

Another great benefit of pets? They bring people together! If you’ve ever made a new friend at the dog park or had a kind stranger ask to pet your dog while out on a walk, then you know exactly what we’re talking about. This is also true in the workplace as pets prompt people to have conversations and interactions with each other that they would not otherwise have, and this leads to better trust, communication, and relationships amongst employees.

4. Improves Physical & Mental Health:

Having a pet at work reminds (and in some instances forces) employees to take a step back, and take a mental break from the task at hand, by taking the dog on a potty break, short walk, engaging in some playtime (fetch, anyone?) or a cuddle session. Periodic, short breaks from work have been proven to boost overall productivity as well as mental and physical health in employees, especially if these breaks also include some sort of exercise.

5. Boosts Productivity:

With all of this in mind, you may have noticed that each one of these benefits adds up to one major benefit: increased productivity. Even though one might expect that having a pet in the workplace would be distracting and hinder the “workflow,” the opposite proves true when you factor in that pets provide happiness, reduce stress, improve communication, and remind employees to take breaks for their physical and mental health.

Simply put, a dog-friendly workplace has benefits for employees and employers alike by boosting employee morale, productivity, and promoting a healthy work-life balance!

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