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5 Benefits of a Dog-friendly Workplace

Jun 29th, 2020
Last Friday, June 26th was National Take Your Dog to Work Day and even though a lot of us have been working in atypical conditions these past couple of months (to say the least), we thought we would share some of the top benefits of a dog-friendly workplace. After all, working at Barkefellers our employees can … more »

How to Keep Your Dog Entertained at Home

May 18th, 2020
A lot of us have been spending more time at home than we ever have before and if you’re feeling a little bored in the house, there’s a good chance your pet might be feeling the same way. Beat this boredom with some of our favorite ideas on how to keep your dog entertained at … more »

Barkefellers and COVID-19

Apr 15th, 2020
During these unusual times, we thought it would be useful to keep all of our business changes and efforts being taken in response to COVID-19 in one place for reference. We will continue to update this post throughout the evolving situation. First and foremost, Barkefellers is open for all four of our services (daycare, grooming, lodging, and … more »
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