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Rick Coffey
President / Owner
Barkefellers started with a love and passion for dogs. With a vacation on the calendar and no acceptable places to take their pets for their own vacation, Rick and his family began wondering if they could start their own pet care facility?

Rick and his wife, Christi, traveled across the country to visit upscale pet care facilities. They took the best parts of each facility they saw and opened their first Barkefellers on the south side of Indianapolis.

Now, there are a total of three Barkefellers locations in Indianapolis, and the business continues to grow. Most recently, Rick opened up the opportunity to own a Barkefellers through a franchise.

On a daily basis, Rick provides strategic business input, focuses on growing the company and continuing to build strong vendor relationships. He enjoys seeing staff interact with Barkefellers customers. An ongoing passion is donating to local shelters and supporting dog focused events that give back to the dogs and cats that need it the most.
Take a Paws to Get to Know Rick:
Favorite customer quote: “Rick, never did we vacation until you opened your facility. We did not feel that anyone could care for the pets like we did until you arrived.”

Family Pets: Max and Emma, a giant and miniature schnauzer. Emma went to doggie Heaven a little over a year ago, and we miss her!

Favorite pet movie: Marley and Me

Recommended service at Barkefellers: Any service that provides socialization.
Krista Coffey
General Manager / Owner
Krista runs day-to-day operations, leads the front desk teams, and grooming operations. She’s been an integral part of Barkefellers since opening the first location in 2009. Krista has a knack for making customers feel right at home and sees to it that each customer has an outstanding experience.

The customer relationship and experience is what Krista is truly passionate about. Knowing that Barkefellers has helped so many customers lead a better and happier life with their pets is all the motivation Krista needs to put a smile on her face each day!
Take a Paws to Get to Know Krista:
Favorite customer moment: We had the privilege of taking care of Dempsey, a dog who had been badly burned alive as a puppy. Dempsey continued to visit our facilities throughout his life, and we loved caring for him.

Family Pets: All Beagles – Tanner, Woodson, and Crosley

Favorite pet song/ book/movie: A Dog’s Purpose

Recommended unique service at Barkefellers: Pet sitting. For dogs who cannot play with others but, still come in for the human interaction and want to get energy out. I have a dog who cannot play in daycare, and I know how much they love this service!
Jordan Coffey
General Manager / Owner
Jordan oversees all daily operations at Barkefellers, with a focus on the hotel, daycare and training departments. He always says that it’s tough to have a bad day when you work with dogs. If Jordan ever wants to have his spirits lifted, he might go hang out in a suite or snuggle one of the furry guests.

Jordan’s role at Barkefellers began before the conception of the very first Barkefellers on the Southside of Indy. After graduating from IUPUI with a degree in Business, Jordan knew that Barkefellers would be his future. He loves being in a daily environment being surrounded by a passionate staff and furry friends. He can’t imagine himself anywhere else.
Take a Paws to Get to Know Jordan:
Favorite customer moment: After a couple years of the business opening, we would ask dog owners if they have ever heard of Barkefellers. From the most part, people would respond with they haven’t. Now with the company being almost 10 years old, asking the same question I find it rare customers haven’t heard of us or even used our facilities before. Those that have always make remarks about the report card their pet received at the end of their stay.

Family Pets: Duke – Cane Corso Rescue and Stella – Terrier Mix Rescue

Favorite pet song/ book/movie: Homeward Bound

Recommended unique service at Barkefellers: All of our services are unique because of our staff and dedication!
Kelly Becker
Director of Human Resources
It brings Kelly joy to see all the different shapes, sizes and breeds of dogs and cats come through the door. It makes it impossible for Kelly to have a bad day when seeing dogs and cats happy and worn out with their parents after a day of play, boarding, training or grooming.

Kelly is responsible for all of the recruitment needs for all three locations. In addition to payroll, she focuses on workers compensation benefits and compensation review. Kelly joined the Barkefellers family in June of 2014, bringing over twenty years of Human Resources experience from the Healthcare industry.
Take a Paws to Get to Know Kelly:
Favorite customer quote: “I love to see my little girl coming walking out after she’s gotten groomed. They might as well put a crown of diamonds on her head because she becomes Queen of the House by the way she prances around!”

Family Pets: Two 25 pound white Schnauzer boys named Hank and Willey

Favorite pet song/ book/movie: Benji

Recommended service at Barkefellers: Too many great ones to pick! We have experts in the field of all the services we provide. We have some of the most hardworking dedicated staff at Barkefellers.
Julie Weaver
Guest Services Manager
Watching puppies grow up, develop, and become Barkefellers “regulars” is one of the greatest rewards of being the Guest Service Managers for Julie. Building relationships with customers (both with owners and furry friends), and seeing how excited dogs get when they come to Barkefellers is the best part of her day.

Julie’s background focuses on customer service and detail. She found a job that matched her passion for animals at Barkefellers in 2015. Julie started as a Front Desk Attendant and was then promoted to Front Desk Manager. Now as the Guest Services Manager, her priority is perfecting the customer service experience, training and standardizing the best practices of Front Desk employees. She also makes sure that all locations are consistent and accurate in service and brand.
Take a Paws to Get to Know Julie:
Favorite customer quote: A Barkefellers’ customer says to her dog, “Do you want to go see Julie?” on her way to Barkefellers…. And the dog, Jax, goes nuts!

Family Pets: Two cats; a grey one named Dexter and a tabby named Moser. I also have many fish, a Ball python named Sunny, and a Russian tortoise named Draymond.

Favorite pet song/book/movie: Hound Dog by Elvis Presley

Recommended service at Barkefellers: Take your dog to the Grooming Salon here! We have a professional, and caring bunch of Groomers at each location. The love and effort they put into each client are incredible! I am always so impressed with the before and after, and customers love their pets going home with a new do.
Sarah Johnson
Marketing Manager
Sarah loves seeing and meeting all of the different animals that come into Barkefellers everyday. Learning about all of the different breeds of dogs and cats has been one of her favorite parts of her position so far. She believes that it is a privilege to be surrounded by animals at work everyday!

Sarah has taken over a new position here as our Marketing Manager. With her background in graphic design and videography, she aims to manage all of our marketing content with both design and strategy in mind. From creating print and digital content to working events and engaging with our community, she aims to make sure that Barkefellers is always represented as true to our brand.
Take a Paws to Get to Know Sarah:
Favorite Customer Moment: “It’s hard to pick just one, but once a customer came in with an entire cake from a dog bakery for her pup’s birthday. It was such a joy to see her dog and all of the others enjoying the cake and celebrating together!”

Family Pets: A 13-year-old Wheaten Terrier named Callie

Favorite pet song/book/movie: Travels with Charlie by John Steinbeck

Recommended service at Barkefellers: Our lodging services! When your pet comes to stay at Barkefellers, it’s like they’re on vacation. Our upgraded suites are clean, spacious, and come with daily activities that are great because they allow each of our guests to have an enjoyable and personalized experience. 
Alexi & Herb
Alexi is a hotel manager and as the owner, Herb wears all hats and fills in as needed.
Take a Paws to Get to Know Alexi & Herb:
Family Pets: Our family pet is a beautiful 5 yr old German Shepard name Mina. Mina enjoys playing fetch/keep away with tennis balls and chasing ground squirrels (although she has never caught one, she tries hard).

Favorite pet song/book/movie: Our favorite pet movie would be “The secret life of Pets”.

Recommended service at Barkefellers: I feel all services provided by Barkefellers are exceptional, but I feel lodging/daycare is my favorite because we truly get to know the dogs and their personalities. One of the things that impressed me the most while training at other Bark facilities is how well the staff knows and cares for the dogs 
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