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Dog Lodging

While staying with us, your dog will be treated like family.

Each guest will enjoy the comforts of home in their own cozy sleeping area, complete with Kuranda Dog Bedding and the sounds of soothing music. All guests will have access to their own individual potty/exercise yards three times each day, and you can also select activities for your dog based on personal tastes and needs.
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Available Activities

We’ve learned that our guests go home happier and healthier when they have a balanced, predictable daily routine that includes exercise, personal human attention, social interaction, outdoor elimination breaks, and rest. We give you the opportunity to choose the activities that you think your pet will most enjoy by upgrading to one of our suites with activities or purchasing activities a la carte.

Group Play

Dogs who pass a temperament evaluation can play and socialize with other dogs under the close supervision of our trained staff. Dogs are grouped according to size and/or play style for safety and optimal enjoyment.

Cuddle Time

Guests enjoy one-on-one attention, affection, and interaction with a staff member. Belly rubs, ear scratches, and friendly conversation included!

Private Play

Active dogs who prefer to play with a person or who are not suitable for Group Play will enjoy one-on-one play sessions with a staff member.

BedTime tuck-in

A caring staff member visits the guest’s suite just before bedtime to make sure they are comfy and cozy for a good night’s sleep.
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Suite Types

Our suites are based on an all-inclusive lodging price that includes both the suite amenities and activities listed below:


• Over 250 square feet of indoor and outdoor living space
• Private fully enclosed outdoor patio
• Access to flat screen TV
• Capability for you to check in via 24-hour webcam
• Ceiling fan and light
Daily activities with this suite:
• 3 group or private play sessions
• Cuddle time
• Bedtime tuck-in


• A spacious, decorated indoor living area
• Access to flat screen TV
• Capability for you to check in via 24-hour webcam
• Ceiling fan and light
Daily activities with this suite:
• 3 group or private play sessions
• Cuddle time
• Bedtime tuck-in


• A comfortable indoor living area
• Private fully enclosed outdoor patio

* Patio is open weather permitting and is always closed and secured at night.
Daily activities with this suite:
• 3 group or private play sessions
• Cuddle time
• Bedtime tuck-in
Standard: We also have standard accommodations available for every size and breed of dog with the option to add on 1, 2, or 3 play sessions at an additional price.
* All accommodations will come with 3 potty walks, room service delivered twice a day, daily housekeeping, and a raised Kuranda bed. *

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my dogs share a suite?
Yes. Dogs from the same home may share a suite. Please let us know at check-in if your dogs should be separated for meal time due to food aggression or if one dog tends to eat the other dog’s food if not monitored. Special discounts are available for multiple dogs in a suite; please check with the front desk.
Can you give my dog medication from home?
Yes. We will log your pet’s medications and dispensing instructions upon arrival and administer the medications as needed.
What vaccinations does my pet need?
To assure the health of all our guests, we require proof that all the following vaccinations are current to secure your reservation.
  • DHLPP/Corona
  • Bordetella (Kennel Cough)
  • Rabies
  • Canine Flu Vaccination: H3N8 and H3N2.
  • All shots per your vet’s protocol.
Can I bring my pet’s bed from home?
Yes. However, Barkefellers does provide raised Kuranda dog beds in order to ensure all our guests are comfortable. Blankets from home are fine – most pups like to have something that smells like home!
Can I bring my pet’s own food?
Yes! You may bring your dog’s own food. Please make sure to bag each serving separately, label it with your dog’s full name, and provide us with quantity, frequency, and preparation instructions. We’re happy to prepare and serve meals just the way your dog likes them!
Can I bring toys or treats for my pet from home?
Yes. Your pup may be happier with something from home. Please try to limit toys to 2 or 3 items, and we recommend you not bring plush toys for safety’s sake, as the filling can be ingested. You can also bring treats for your pooch!
How often will my dog go outside?
We schedule potty breaks 3 times during the day (in the morning, at midday, and in the evening).
Barkefellers Reviews:

Stories From Our Visitors

4.8 average from over 460 reviews

    5 star review  Our 12wk old puppy needs some manners and Barkefellers came highly recommended. Our first drop off of puppy training was traumatic for us all (mostly my husband and I) Day 2.... pup ran in the front door, tail wagging and didn’t look back! Barkefellers made us all feel welcome and called me back promptly with an update on our boy — because all dog moms need to know😉 A+

    thumb Lisa Suiter

    5 star review  Great service! They do truly take really awesome care of your dogs! Love that I could check in on mine whenever I wanted with the “nanny cam”

    thumb Cheryl Christie
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