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At Barkefellers, we believe all dogs should have the chance to learn good manners!

Dog training makes life at home happier for dogs and their families – and makes dogs more welcome when out and about in the neighborhood and community. We also believe that dogs should always be treated fairly and humanely. Our approach to training begins with an understanding that training should enhance and strengthen the relationship between a person and their dog. Our training courses employ positive reinforcement techniques to elicit and reward desired behaviors. Training collars and/or corrections are used only when the dog has an understanding of the exercises and after the trainer is taught the proper use of these training devices.
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Day School
Barkefellers University offers a convenient weekday school for dogs. Classes are conducted Monday through Friday, and attendees should be dropped off by 9 am and picked up after 4 pm. Each day of Doggie Day School includes:

• 3 learning sessions throughout the day
• 2 group or private play sessions
• Socialization
• Rest
• End-of-day parent transition class
Stay School
For owners that want to provide a consistent environment during training, Barkefellers University offers dogs the ultimate luxury lodge and learn experience with our Stay School.

• 3 learning sessions throughout the day
• 2 group or private play sessions
• 1 hour of socialization
• End-of-level pet parent transition class
Puppy Prep School
Training from Barkefellers can make life more enjoyable for you and your pet.
Puppy Prep School is a 4-week class and includes training in the following:
• All basic obedience commands
• Handling and restraint
• Resource guarding
• Polite greetings
• Grooming
• Crate training (upon request)
• Pet parent transition sessions
Level One
The Level One Training course is a 1-week class that includes training in the following:
• Commands “Sit” and “Wait”
• Name recognition
• Polite greetings
• Commands “Down,” “Come,” “Let’s Go”
• Practice and review all lessons
• Pet parent transition sessions
Level Two
The Level Two Training course is a 1-week class that builds on the training conducted in Level One. The following skills are included in Level Two Training:
• Reinforce Level One skills
• Command “Leave It”
• Strong recall
• Polite greeting with dog
• Commands “Down” and “Stay” with distractions
• Practice and review all lessons
• Pet parent transition sessions

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of training does Barkefellers offer?
Barkefellers offers basic obedience training with treat-based positive reinforcement. We also have day school and stay school options to help your pup get the best training experience possible.
What do I need to bring to a training session?
We will need your fur baby to come with a flat collar and regular leash. Please do not bring retractable leashes!
What age does my pup need to be?
Training can begin at 10 weeks, however group play cannot start until your fur baby is 12 weeks.
Are there any restrictions on breeds?
No, there are no restrictions on breeds at Barkefellers.
Can I bring my puppy food?
Yes – we will feed them at snack time which is around noon.
Is my dog going to be trained with other dogs?
No, every dog receives private training.
How many lessons will my pup get in a day?
Each dog gets 3 lessons a day with each lesson lasting 15-20 minutes.
What is a transition lesson?
A transition lesson is a 20 minute session where the parents come in and the trainer fills them in on what their fur baby has learned in training. The parents will get homework to work on with their pup. These transition lessons occur at a designated time between Monday and Friday.
Will my dog get to play with other dogs?
We will do a temp-test if your pup has not been to Barkefellers before. If they pass, they will get three hours of group play with other dogs!
My dog doesn’t play well with other pups. Will they get to do anything else?
Yes – if your pup is not involved in group play, they will receive 2 private plays with a staff member.
Do you put every dog on a prong collar?
We use both gentle leaders and easy walks and we will size your dog for either one.
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